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Fencing and Gates

Fencing & Gates: Exploring The Basics
Iron fencing and gates are used for both commercial and residential properties, and are both extremely popular because of the many different types to choose from, including decorative and ornate pieces, practical pieces with clean lines, wrought iron, cast iron and safety iron. Fences and gates are often overlooked when seeking to update and enhance the outside curb appeal of a home. We go through the landscaping, the new trees, the paved walkways – and completely forget about the option for grand entrances, privacy fencing and designer fencing.

Design & Style
When used in conjunction with other exterior landscaping efforts, fences and gates add aesthetic appeal to a home and instant, upscale value. Styles can range from traditional and Victorian, to Roman and contemporary. Gate fences come in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors. Iron fencing and gates are also well known for their unique coloring tones and dark shades. However, they can be painted to suit the exterior coloring theme of your home. You can choose the height of your gate or fence to suit the needs of your safety concerns or privacy concerns as well. Customized fencing and gates offer homeowners the choices that other installers cannot provide, including sensors, fitted tops and caps, scroll designs, arched entrance ways, steeples and spear tops. You can also use iron fencing and gates as an element of design in a garden or pathway to accent a water feature or landscape scenery.

Durability & Low Maintenance
Fencing and gates require little to no maintenance, but because of your investment, it is important to inspect your installation regularly to catch any aesthetic or mechanical glitches that may arise. To keep your fencing and gates clean, simply brush off any dirt or debris on a regular basis with a soft broom. As the years go on, the iron fences and gates may be re-painted due to a change in color, nicks and scratches. However, once protected with a zinc coating, iron will never rust.

Safety & Privacy
One of the best uses of fencing and gates is to outline the perimeter of your property for additional security and privacy. Some privacy and security fences and gates adorn spikes atop their central pieces, while others incorporate an electronic security system and camera monitors. The grandiose appeal of iron fencing and gates cannot be disregarded. An iron fence with the perfect gate can give the exterior of your home a lasting and final touch.

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