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Granite & Stone Countertops

Granite & Stone Countertops

When buying, selling or remodeling a home, one of the first things people look for are the upgrades – especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Installing granite and stone countertops will not only add value to a home, but also a sense of personal design and style. Phoenix Home Style Guide knows that granite and stone countertop options can get daunting, so consider the following tips to guide you through the initial steps of your home makeover.

Color & Patterns
Granite and stone countertops come in over 1000 different varieties, so it is easy to become overwhelmed when surrounded by sample stones and preview colors. From black, blue and brown to green, pink and yellow – natural stone and granite prices are rarely the same and most often depend upon the availability of the stone and its origin. Before anything, decide upon the “look” you would like to get out of the room you are upgrading. Old world, elegant luxury and contemporary oasis are just a few traits a homeowner can receive from their granite and stone countertop patterns and colors. Then, get to know your colors and stones before sitting down to preview your pallets. That way, you will be able to decipher right off the bat which samples work for you and which don not.

Texture & Porosity
Countertops can be upgraded with natural granite and stone or engineered stone concerning the durability of your countertop and its aesthetic appeal. Natural granite and stone countertops are timeless pieces with different nuances and patterns, often with porous blocks – but beautiful nonetheless. Engineered granite and stone countertops are made to look and feel like natural stone, but offer more options with durability and care. Be sure to discuss these options with your contracted provider, and the benefits of each.

Care & Maintenance
Granite and stone countertop maintenance is fairly basic – even with the numerous choices of porous versus non-porous, highly textured and glazed. Be sure to keep your granite and stone countertops clean, and free from dirt and residue. The finishes on several countertops will allow you to take certain liberties with your granite and stone countertops as well. Of course, always be sure to repair or replace any damaged stone. Sealing a damaged section of stone or granite can make for an easy fix now, rather than a large replacement later down the road.

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