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Ways To Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Landscaping with trees, shrubbery, plants and flowers are one way to add curb appeal to your home’s look and feel, but many people often overlook the use of pavers. Concrete pavers, in natural or uniform style, can instantly add value to the outside of a home with a touch of elegance and style in a way that regular concrete slabs cannot. Using pavers in a variety of locations can not only add aesthetic beauty, but also afford you and your family with additional functionality of otherwise unused, outdoor living spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the locations people choose to install designed pavers.


Pavers can be used in a variety of walkways leading to and from you home, or other centralized locations such as a gardens, pool areas and outdoor kitchens. Walkways designed with pavers can give a home that instant “cottage” feeling of quaintness and warmth. Just by adding a few natural stone elements in a particular pattern, an ordinary dirt or concrete sidewalk is transformed into a welcoming and charming path. Walkways designed with pavers can have gentle curves and a free-flowing style, or can express straight paths with clean lines and dimensions for a more formal landscaped feel.


Gone are the days of black driveways with cracks running up and down the perimeter. Today, more homeowners are choosing to install pavers for the use of their driveways to add that instant “wow” factor when pulling up to the home. The curb appeal of a paved and patterned driveway is valued as top-notch from a real estate point of view as well. Pavers come in a variety of colors, so worrying about finding a stone to match the exterior colors of a home is not a problem. For instance, light colored pavers can be used on more traditional and classic-looking homes, while brick and rust colors are mostly popular in southwestern themes.

Patios & Retaining Walls

The pattern and color possibilities for the use of pavers to create a patio are endless. Pavers can be installed in garden sitting areas, pool decks, outdoor kitchen areas, side entrances and even around ponds. Natural stone and concrete pavers provide non-slip functionality, beauty and durability for all your outdoor entertaining needs. Pavers can also be used to add height to landscaping projects in retaining walls. Stacking pavers can raise garden beds and add a uniform yet stylized feel to your landscaping needs.

Pavers can also be adorned with simple lighting techniques, and there are a variety of stone choices, colors and interlocking patterns to consider. Whatever you next outdoor project may be, consider the aesthetic appeal and added value of pavers to enhance that coveted, top-notch curb appeal spot in your neighborhood.

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